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R. KELLY 12 play

By Maximillian Muhammad

This album put this man in position to being the king of current R-n-B. As a writer, arranger, producer, instrumentalist, this artist is a driving force.with classics as your body's callin' Bump n' grind, sex me 1+2 he came off armed. unlike his first album R. Kelly and Public Announcement born into the 90's which at best sounded like Guy outtakes to a t. this record defied all that. while the Aaron Hall voicing is still there the melodies and feel showed a gifted writer and artist based on his own merit. with a combination of Aaron Hall, Charlie Wilson (GAP band) Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, and a bit of chi-town home boy Curtis Mayfield this artistry came out full bloom. while sex was rampant through out this disc it was done with strong conviction that Kelly was able to connect with his audience. He showed many elements on this record that if you wait down the road you'll say he did what and this album also created his current signature sound and when you here his production you know his sound. this album was just the start for many incredible things to come.

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