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Napster: The Real Deal

The music Business is a Joke for challenging Napster. Napster allows People the chance to hear Material before it comes out. How many times have folks spent almost 20 dollars only to get two good songs? Also the business also overcharges folks on the prices of discs. Courtney Love & Prince both have put the Biz in Place. It's only about Marketing, No Talent Hacks & Formula Driven. I wish for the day when a Real Artist blows up on the Net & Does away with the Business, as we know it. People in General don't care what the Label is they want the Artist or Group. Also the Business has always been unfair To African-Americans.

It's long over due the Crappy Over-Rated so-called Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. If you have an Impact you belong. Chuck D. Deserves Mad Props because he is right. The only folks Complaining about Napster are the ones that got by in the old System. I feel that if your Work is Good Folks will buy it but if you only have 1-2 good songs you should give away your work. The Business owns the copyrights, only a few Artists ever get their Own Work. It is Modern Day Slavery. It wasn't that long ago that Sampling was done at will or a make believe Group Like Milli Vanilli or fake Vocal Artists were the norm. Numbers were inflated on Many Acts. It's been a Running joke for a long time. More Artists such as Courtney Love, Prince & Chuck D., among others, are needed in the fight. Ani Defranco has been very successful without the powers that be. The Grateful Dead didn't fall off with giving away some of their music. Who wants to pay for MTV only Crap? You don't get back full Refund for a Clunker Disc.

Also the Business is only about sameness. It's cool to DownLoad Something New & Different. I hope & Believe that more Napsters emerge 'cuz this Notion of selling half-talented Artists is a Bad Joke. If You Want a Fair profit then put out Quality Music. Metallica & Dr.Dre Need to Worry about Making Quality Music Instead of being pimped By the Biz. Both Acts have fallen Off To Me. People Who Scream About Napster aren't Making Good Records. If you are as Talented & as Good as you say then nobody can hold you back. Folks Burn Many Discs already. You can't stop Technology. It's a given it's gonna happen. New Groups don't get their chance unless they hit Big & Even then they may end up like TLC. How fair is a Business that allows a Group to Sell 10 Million Records but yet file for bankrupty? That's A Monopoly of Ill Will & Fraud. The Business Needs to Be Overridden. If an Artist like Prince Calls the Business Foul then it really stinks. 'Cuz they haven't done well by him. They Pimped His Black Album onto the backlot to a Person back in 91 for almost $13,000. They make a joke of Bootlegs. If Music is Placed out Of Print Where are You Gonna Go to Get it? Courtney Love put it all Down on Sonic.Net. She Broke the Numbers Down to a Science. Chuck D. is dealing directly with the Net.

How many times have you gotten a disc with a Different Version of a Song & Been Disappointed? It's one big joke bad joke. These Lame Teeny Bop Groups Doing Lame Takes On Black Music is a Bad Racist Joke that needs to Stop. A Place like Napster has No Labels go to the Artist or Group that you want. No Country, Rap, Pop, R-N-B, International Etc. Labels are B.S. Ray Charles Proved that Point 40+ Years Back. Artists deserve to Be Paid. The Companies aren't taking care of their Acts. They are cloning them & pimping others on that Formula. The Charts are a Joke. SoundScan is a One-way Street. Where was it when Michael Jackson was ruling the Stores for Years? Does it chart mom & Pop Stores? No. Hear what you want when you want you don't need a Business To Dictate your Choices. So Many Lame acts are promoted yearly & Gone within Months. The Reason Why the Business is Afraid & some of these Artists is because they aren't putting out Quality Recordings. Where are the Real Up & Coming Artists? Online that's where. The Business isn't about Art. It's Strictly About Sameness.