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Bruce Springsteen: Right On to The Boss

What happened In New York is a reminder all over this country of police
brutality & injustices because of skin tone. I'm Glad that Him, Mos Def,
Black Star & Others in rap have spoken up. But it's especially enlightening
coming from The Boss. Those cops got away with murder & they know it. It's a
shame that still in this day & age that black life doesn't matter to society
at large. It's a trip how this has become a major Issue. One song about
injustice has sparked so much controversy. It's good & I hope more artists
follow Springsteen's lead. The truth has to come out. No matter what coast
or status in life injustice is injustice. Forty-one shots will never be
forgotten. A tragedy that is sadly the norm in this country.

No Justice, no Peace. Springsteen hit the right note. It was long over due.

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