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Tiger Woods: Unstoppable Tiger is the Man

It's Wonderful to see a man of African descent dominating a Sport that has been considered a White Man's game. He is Strong -Minded & Focused with whatever he is doing on the Course. Unless Another Athlete comes along soon or in the next 50 years Tiger will be the best of this Century, hands down. Also He has the Pressure of being seen as a Modern Day Jackie Robinson. Knowing that He has to be twice as Good just to Function as the Best that he can be. Race Plays a Part with Every thing in this Society. That's not lost on his dominance. P.C. Times or Not His Ability To Win & Be the Best has to Put Fear in Some of the Good Ol' Boys of Golf & that's Wonderful. He is not only the Best Golfer of Today but He is the Best Sports Figure in Any Sport Today. He Will Only Get Better with Time. I Bet Fuzzy, John Rocker, Marge Schott & many others can't wait for that. He Is Winning For Many People Past & Present that want a Level Playing Field.