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Al Green's Greatest Hits

By Maximillian Muhammad

When you say Soul, feeling and the Gospel truth in the 70's one name rings out loud at you. a Singer, Songwriter, producer and the Funkiest Brother to come from Memphis and the true King of that City Al Green. along with Willie Jackson and that Funky church Organ, drums, Guitar, bass playing set group songs came to represent a whole time period. "Love and Happiness, "Let's stay together", "Here I am(come and take me) "Tired of being alone", "I can't get next to you", "Look what you done for me", "Let's get married", "Belle", "Full of fire". his voice invoked a passion of a Blues Man. where you could sense that he could uplift his spirits no matter what the Scenario. you feel the vibe in his voice and where it connects on the Organ. which he did many a time. his influence is still very much intact. thanks to Sam Cooke before him Al Green paved the way for Kirk Franklin to interpret the Spiritual and Contemporary. when people mentioned true Soul singers you always hear Al, Marvin, Otis, Sam and a select few others. very few could and can reach the zenith of MR. Al Green. cuz one thing is for sure about him and his work he definitely brought us Love and Happiness that's Genius to the fullest.


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