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Barry Bonds: The Man

Deion Sanders: Prime Time

Eazy E: The Legacy

Louis Farrakhan: The Brother of Vision and Reason

Camille Cosby: Yes!!

NBA: The Truth

Where's the Soul?

Jasper: When Will it End?

O. J. Simpson: One for the Juice

The Notorious B.I.G.: Another Life Too Short

A Vision Ahead: Bryant Gumbel

The Passing of a Hero: Ennis Cosby

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

Dallas: Fact or Fiction?

Baseball in America

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Dream

The Life and Death of Tupac Shakur

The Best of Barry White

Bob Marley's "Legend"

The Best of the Barkays

Al Green's Greatest Hits

The Best of Alexander O'Neal

Aretha Franklin: The Atlantic Recordings

The Best of Bobby Womack

The Best of Brick

The Best of the Brothers Johnson

The Best of Cameo

Epiphany: Chaka Khan's Best, Volume I

The Best of Chic

Commodores: Greatest Love Songs

The Best of Con Funk Shun

Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions: Anthology...61 to 77

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Best of George Michael

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

DJ Quik: Rhythm-al-ism

The Best of Sade

The Best of Ashford and Simpson

The Best of Billy Eckstine

D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar"

Maxwell's "Urban Hang Suite"

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