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Barry Bonds: The Man

By Maximillian Muhammad

Who else in baseball makes it look as easy as Barry Year in and Year out? he can beat you so many ways. he is an Old School player cuz he gives you Offense and Deffense. his numbers and hustle should be enough. but it ain't for the Hatein' media(read White) Barry is to Black he doesn't give a Damn to smile and Grin and Kiss Lilly White -Ass. right-on to the Brotha. his talent should be the mouth piece. 3 M.V.P titles he should have 5 Golden Gloves for days walks tons, Steals bases(a quiet as it's kept lost Art in baseball) HomeRuns, Hits for Average and On-base percentages, Etc........... I Love Griffey in fact after Barry is gone it's all his World un-Less Mr.SoSa has other plains but Griffey has had the beauty of talent around him. Griff got madd timing but give Barry A-Rod before him and Kent After then Barry in addition to all he does would be in the Kool-aid mix of Homers with Big-Mac, Sosa, Albert Belle Etc.. he (Barry Bonds) is just know getting other offensive help. it's not his fault if the pitching staff isn't up to snuff he has to do his gig and he does it well and consistently. his pops was bad Bobby Bonds and he didn't take any crap either. it should always be about skill let the Man do his J.O.B leave Judging to the Lord. he is the Baddest still going in Baseball today. and you either Love him or Loath him but you can't deny him. that's the way it outta be. cuz when it's all said and done the numbers and Heart won't lie.

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