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Barry White's Greatest Hits

By Maximillian Muhammad

Ghostly haunting is the words that the late great Marvin Gaye used to describe this Genius of Romance, pain, poetry, and the everyday trials and tribulations in relationships it's the Soul and essence of one Mr. Barry it Orchestra leader, Funk grooves, ballads, Jazz, pop, Gospel rooted this man can cover a wide body of work. writer, arranger, producer performer he is badddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been digging Barry for over 20 years even as a kid there was something deep in his words. of course as i got older i understood many things better if you know what I mean? but his Quincy Jones esque Orchestras during the disco era were unbelievable to this day. songs such as "Love's theme", "I'm gonna love you just a little more, baby", "Never never gonna give you up", "Can't get enough of your love, babe", "You're the first, the last, my everything"(the baddest track Teddy Pendergrass never did) "What am i gonna do with you", "It's ecstasy when you lay down next to me" "Playing your game, baby", "your sweetness is my weakness" (MC. Hammer covered this remember?) Taylor Dayne did Can't get enough of your love, babe and speaking of Quincy Jones remember "The Secret Garden'? not to mention Lisa Stansfield loving him as well. his work gets stronger by the day. you can't imagine him not being gamed. he has meant so much to music and his thoughts and words continue to reflect Genius and honesty. the Maestro still Reigns Supreme.


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