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The Best Of Cameo Volumes 1+2

By Maximillian Muhammad

Smart, cleaver, Funky, Hip, Manipulative, and well read to the changes in times and in groove that's Cameo. chief leader Larry Blackmon had all this formed in his mind and then some. learning from the best George Clinton and Parliament, Maurice White and Earth, Wind& Fire, Sugarfoot and the Ohio Players, and Larry Dodson and the Barkays. with role-models like those who could lose and boy did Cameo it pay day a many a time? Blackmon who was not only the leader but also the main song-writer producer as well as Bass player, Drums, percussion, and Lead + Background. Nathan Leftenant Vocals + Trumpet, Tomi Jenkins, Lead + Background, Charlie Singleton, Guitars and Vocals, Gregory Johnson, handled boards, and of course the late Wayne Cooper handled the Vocals. like Parliament there were many players and their was one main leader but unlike Parliament and other groups Cameo emerged with the times in a big way. from "It's Serious", "Freaky Dancin'", "I Just Want To Be", "Keep It Hot", "Rigor Mortis", "Shake Your Pants", Alligator Woman", "Be Yourself", "Don't Be So Cool", "Were Going Out Tonight", "Sparkle", "Attack Me With Your Love", "Talking Out The Side Of Your Neck", "Feel Me", "Single Life", "Word Up" "Candy", "She's Strange", "Skin I'm In", and "I Want it now". 1977-1991 that's there run and what a run. yes of course they started out like EWF with a Symbolic Symbol the Cameo. also 11-members then down-sized cuz that was the 80's Music Business Racism. don't need 10 players to play one mega keyboard. but unlike other groups they maintained there sound and style. in fact after rap hit Mainstream only them and Prince really thrived in the 80's from being 70's acts in the Old-School genre.

From Hard Funk, Soul, R-B, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop, Jazzy Grooves, Pop, Slow-Jams Cameo covered all the bases. before Atlanta became "LaFace Ville, Dallas Austin, Keith Sweet, Bobby(Bosstown Recordings) Brown, Jermaine Dupri and countless others "Atlanta Artist" and Larry Blackmon put this city on the Funk map. Cameo stayed themselves with the Funk and kept it Hoooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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