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Camille Cosby: The truth? Yes!!

By Maximillian Muhammad

A loss is powerful and when tragic as this one many truths have to surface and the ugly face of racism is brought to the light properly. the killer didn't say i should repent but i killed a NIGGER! now i watched a CNN show and many dummies said it wasn't necessarily about race. now let's reverse that if a Brother caps a White dude and says i killed a CRACKER or HONKY what would they say? it's denial on White Americas part that a lot stereotypes continue to Live. what persons in the right mind would glorify Birth Of A Nation and be so happy to bring back Gone with the wind? Hollywood that land of Fantasy? as racist as Texaco The White House, The Services and any other instituted in these United States.

Mrs.. COSBY spoke the Gospel truth people say that was the past but ask yourself why are SLAVE- OWNERS still glorified on MONEY? why we have to watch congress say yes or no on our voting rights. Native Americans and other Minorities have issues with these United States but BLACK folks have been ignored far way to long. as the great TONI MORRISON said it's a wonder were not all dead. the GOVERNMENT has tried many things and will continue to. that 's why believe in GOD is of the utmost essence. Yes the COSBY"S are wealthy but racism doesn't take and pay away the hate. ask your self if Ennis COSBY was just another brother how fast would the police force be to do anything to find his killer? also if his Father were perceived to be a thug or greedy type of brother his case would have been like 2pac or B.I.G unsolved and unconcerned. when even being of African descent folks are so brainwashed into the Ken&Barbie doll image it's just sickening.

Ask yourself how many Professional Black people are interviewed as opposed to sports and entertainers. if you can't run, dance, or grin who cares? drugs are very detailed Crack gets a African-American more time than there White counterpart for Cocaine with same amount. who is being glorified? in schools you don't hear about DR. Charles Drew, DR Barbara Jordan Etc..... barely anything on DR.King. Slavery is like a little bump in the rode to the school institutes. and all you hear is the British empire which came of the backs of the Africans. any place in the World people of AFRICAN descent have contribute but who will tell you this? cuz as MRS. COSBY knows and many AFRICAN-AMERICANS know the truth would paralyze many.

The true HISTORY of our people is bigger and grander than what is told. when you're BLACK in AMERICA you're always prey no matter how much Money you have or what not. cuz the PLANTATION MENTALITY hasn't gone away nor will it ever. of course AFRICAN-AMERICANS have higher blood pressure look at the open and subtle forms of hostility that awaits us. and educated Negroes scare AMERICA the most if you could speak EBONICS for life and walked around BUGGED EYE like unfortunately BUCKWHEAT had to i don't think anyone would have a problem. what's such a shame is that so many people don't look at BILL COSBY as A Black MAN. as if he didn't have to overcome any obstacles? also NBC the network he helped out tremendously wouldn't even let him buy it. but this tag as AMERICAS DADDY is cool as long as he doesn't speak up on issues. it wasn't what was said that triggered so much attention but that the COSBY's said it this false superficial sense that they don't experience racism and it's lingering sting? remember we were considered 3/4ths human so don't look surprised or shocked at how we truly feel. when if ever will AMERICA wake up?

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