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The Best Of Chic

By Maximillian Muhammad

During Gamble & Huff and before Jam & Lewis and La & Babyface there was another Dynamic Duo of Producers The Late great Bernard Edwards, and Nile Rodgers. and even more amazing at the time was The group Chic. Bernard Edwards on Bass, Nile Rodgers on Guitars, Tony Thompson(played with the "Duran Duran" spin off group The Power Station) on drums Alfa Anderson, and Norma Jean handled vocals. even Luther Vandross was the voice on saying (Yowsah,Yowsah,Yowsah) on the smash "Dance, Dance, Dance. other cuts that showed off the strong signature Rhythms of Edwards & Rodgers were "Everybody Dance", the classic "Le Freak", "I Want Your Love", "Good Times", "My Forbidden Lover", "Soup For One". Niles Bass line for "Good Times", was well received by Queen listen to "Another One Bites The Dust". which despite the knock on Rhythm grooves goes to show you never know whose listening. Funk, Pop, Soul, Rock, and swing elements sprinkled into the writing and production of this explosive duo. while not as received as much as the Production teams mentioned above they certainly are still remembered with their work. David Bowies "Let's Dance", smash courtesy of Mr. Rodgers production. also Sister Sledge "We are Family" Edwards & Rodgers definitely left their mark with their rhythmic Talent. the Dance and fun never ends with their Groovessssssss.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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