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The Commodores the Great Love songs

By Maximillian Muhammad

Be it something with groove be it something to chill to The Commodores seem to have all the right ingredients. this set focuses on the slow-jams the other hits features "Slippery When Wet", "Brick House", "Machine Gun", "Fancy Dancer", this set shows of mainly the Quality writing of Lionel Richie. who was the Babyface of his time. cuts like "Sweet Love", "Just To Be Close To You", "Easy", "Three Times A Lady", "Still", "Sail On", "Old-fashion Love", "Lady (You Bring me Up), "Oh No", the gospel of "Jesus Is Love", their Alabama roots in "Lucy". the group all graduated from Tueskeegie Institute and formed their before signing with Motown and opening for the Jackson Five. Walter Orange, William King, Milan Williams, and Ronald la Pread are featured writers in addition to arrangements, playing and production shared with James Anthony Carmichael all done with Lionel Richie. what ever the spirit The Commodores were that rare breed of performers that good go in so many directions. a sign of a force to be reckoned with. even though Lionel Richie was the focal-point this group didn't roll over they brought their richness to the table as well. there were many contributors to their success but as with the power groups of the 70's they were very self-contained.


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