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Babyface: For the cool in you
By Maximillian Muhammad

The writer Babyface was on top of the world all the hits with Boyz11Men, Boomerang soundtrack, Toni Braxton etc... what's next why the follow up to Tender Lover. the album starts up with the Jazzy title cut lots feeling and genius. not since Bill Withers has an Artist made Acoustic sounding tracks so soulful and yet very contemporary but Face is not the ordinary Artist. such as the case on when can I see you a basic Acoustic guitar cut but done with soul and pain and it speaks volumes on the subject.

he is a very solid poet in very unpoetic times. todays songs are either madding or just rehash garbage. people don't really realize the depth and creativity of this Man. if it were easy everybody would be doing it. I Love Smokey Robinson and Lionel Richies work but they can't get arrested today. but Face just doesn't fold.
Be it Rap,Grunge,Country, no matter what genre he finds away to leave his mark. and this album made him a certified Triple threat. he takes a real basic approach and yet finds common ground in his meanings. the mark of a solid wordsmith. a passion plea like Rock Bottom connects cuz people can relate to it. if you're gonna do one thing right do it all the way is what my grandmother would tell me and Mr. Edmonds tells relationships ups-downs as well as anyone in time.

His signature and voicing tell a lot with out having to being graphic. a solid story without being over dramatic. this Album along with El Debarges Heart,mind&Soul were my main stays for Late 94 ironically Face was on El's who happens to be one of my all-time favorite artists. great brains think a lot. Face is the Baddest Producer,Song-writer,arranger,label-Head,Image-Maker of the past Decade not only do I feel that way but the Geniuses of Genius Stevie wonder said it as well. this is my fave Face Record. what's so scary wait till the next decade he is just beginning.

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