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The Passing of a Hero: Ennis Cosby

By Maximillian Muhammad

As a parent and African-American man, it was a double whammy hearing the news of a young Brother murdered like Ennis Cosby. Only 27 and so bright. It becomes harder to digest when so many young black men are taken away due to material possession or other factors. I hope justice is served in this case and it's not turned into a circus or worst yet...unsolved like 2pac. Bill Cosby has always been like a father to many young people.

He's always carried himself with class and dignity. Jackie Robinson was a role model for him the same way he's been one for many African-American people, in particular and people, in general. Not saying the sting would be any less happening to anyone else but Mr. Cosby. You never imagine anything like this. But he's overcome a lot of obstacles that many people wouldn't believe by the way he handles it all it stride.

When he said his son was his hero I can relate. I feel the same about my baby girl. She is amazing...the way she is growing and exploring and so bright. Life is so precise and so short and it's painful for anyone to be taken away. You'd think people would just let people be instead of invading their lives. Ennis didn't boast or brag about who he was or what he had. Character speaks volumes that no amount of money could ever buy. The soul of Ennis Cosby's assassin will be as lost as the man's life he took. The thing to always remember is that life is for everyone to have their say. In this day and time, everyone is prey. Unfortunately, not everyone cares. Loss affects us all more than this young man's murderer will ever know.

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