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Dallas: Fact or Fiction?

By Maximillian Muhammad

To this day I still watch the television show, "Dallas." I mean, who could forget J.R. Ewing, Southfork, Ewing Oil, Cliff Barnes and the rest of the characters? But I never imagined it being rivaled by the most famous part of the Dallas landscape, the Cowboys. Sex, drugs, allegations, ruthlessness, greed, winning at all costs... sounds like old Jock and J.R.

But the Cowboys finally caught up to the soap opera. Jerry Jones wheels and deals seem very similar to the Ewing Men. All the other owners in the National Football League are Cliff Barnes. He wants to be separate from them. This may sound crazy to some but think about how close Art is Imitating Life. The fascination with the Cowboys on what will happen next is similar to what J.R. would do next. And while the players are getting all the attention it stems from what is allowed to take place. And I can't stand to hear folks say not all are like that. 'Cuz if there were real concerns, some of those players who can move on would. Just like the show "Dallas" everyone points to J.R., but Jock and Miss Ellie allowed things to go on.

The moral of the story is it starts from those in charge. Other people say how low-down it is but would they settle for less prestige? Recognition is so important. It's who you know and what it can do for you as opposed to taking on your own identity. For instance, the "Dallas" spin-off, "Knots Landing," showed Gary Ewing moving on and away from his family. He struggled but moved on. Now could Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith do that? The controversies are nothing new, it's just that it's more open to the public today than, say, 20 years ago. It's like that phrase "America's Team." Now that might be debatable on the field but in real life it's closer to the truth. Think about President Kennedy's 1963 Assassination? It was where? It being Dallas connects triumph with tragedy.

If the Cowboys bounce back and win despite all the turmoil next year baring anymore problems and injuries, then that's considered an American success story. But people are lying if they say they don't enjoy what's going on in Dallas with the Cowboys. Self-destruction, chaos, and sleaze are loved in this country. Tabloids rule and don't anyone deny watching "Hard Copy."America loves and hates the Jerry Jones and J.R. Ewings of the world. They love to see the demise but would hate to see the end. There are other shows and other teams, but no one captures the imagination like the leader of the pack. And you sometimes can't separate the fact from the fiction 'cuz Art can really imitate Life a little too much.

But deep down people are pulling for Jerry and J.R. 'cuz in America numbers rule and no matter what the cost, number two just won't do. Just think of my favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills, or the show "Dynasty"... who remembers and who cares? It's like the Oakland Raiders' owner (as influential to Jerry as were the Corleones to J.R. and family), Al Davis, who said "Just Win Baby! Just Win!"

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