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DJ Quik: Rhythm-al-ism

By Maximillian Muhammad

As A Writer, Producer, Arranger, Instrumentalist this Brotha always delievers. Funky and Crisp. getting 2nd11 none, Suga Free, Peter Gunz, AmG, HI-C, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Playa Ham, Mausberg and the Genius of El DeBarge(Damn can't wait for his solo joint?) not to mention the continued Genius of Robert Fonksta" Bacon on axe Ron Townsend on 70's style Brick and BlackByrds Flute and the mighty Kenneth Crouch. as most folks know about Quik it's all about the funk. and that means no wack or booty cuts. no commercial top-ten Casey Kasem crap unless it comes his way. the way Funk was suppose to be or music in general. Q reminds me of Rick James with this album like Urban rapsody was for Rick James in that he knows he is bad and wants to make something different than whats out there but at the same time keep things in perspective and also keep the street flavor. but most importantly like with Rick you sense a change. a cool more up-lifting like let's Love ourselves Black People. so Many Wayz, Hand in Hand, Down,Down,Down,You'z A Ganxta, I Useta Know Her, Whateva U Do, Thinkin' Bout U, El's Interlude, The P**** Medley (Medley For A "V") is dabomb. Bombudd11 made Rasta Man, Get2getha Again and the P**** Reprise is super tight with the axe solo's. I wish this Joint could have been 140 minutes commercial free hint hint, MR.Quik. this Album shows why this Bro is the Baddest Producer in Hip-Hop today. Peer none. and the beauty of it is that it's all Live. he's been so Badd behind the scenes that folks might forget how Fonky and tight he is in front. well he makes up for lost time fast. this Album outta make Madd Federal reserve cuz it makes solid sense ta me.

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