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Duke Ellington
By Maximillian Muhammad

The C in composer should have Edward Kennedy ellington 's name placed along side of it. 2,000 compositions and countless honors this legend to music for me is as important as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach,etc.... He is classical music and a class act by himself. As a band leader and image-maker he proceeded the like's of Nat king Cole to James Brown and they carried, in their own way, his tradition. He made timeless pieces such as Mood Indigo, Take the "A" Train, do nothing till you hear from me, Don't get around much anymore, Satin doll. That's just a few, not to mention jams with Count Base's Band . His music had so much vibration and color and the arrangements and instrumentation are so sophisticated. he had a touch about him that almost anybody else playing those black-white keys needed to be on there A game cuz he could be down right mesmerizing.

Jazz is a style and sophistication but it in itself doesn't begin to spell the meaning of this man's body of work. Watching a great talent like Wynton Marsallis and Natalie Cole give a tribute to the Man speaks volumes. He would have been 100 years old this year. But his work just like his legacy is timeless. He paved the way for all artists of African-American descent that followed not only with being successful but very well respected. It don't mean a thang without the duke swing. Music has changed, as has timing, but quality and Genius will always prevail and Mr. Edward Kennedy Ellington is a tribute to all Music heard not only in these United States but around the world. He is an Ambassador of Music forever.

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