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Eazy E
By Maximillian Muhammad

What a Legacy just 10 years ago N.W.A was taken over rap music and music in general with there straight forward no holds bared attitude. the Man behind that Eric(eazy E) Wright unfortunately is no longer with us he died of AIDS. but his spirit and Legacy will never leave us. Dr.Dre and Ice Cube have flourishing careers and Rein and Yellow stay active. his Ruthless records is still successful thanks in Large part to his last major signing of Bones-thugs-n-Harmony. but Eazy help put not only Compton but the west coast on the map in a whole different way. where Public Enemy were talking about take over N.W.A ripped the place up.

It was strictly business but also a look at all the problems surrounding not only a community but a population always ignored. and him and the Compton crew were tired of the B.S. Eazy paved the way for the starting up your own label and building on that .cuz 10 years back with the exception of a few artist longevity in the rap game was not in the cards. image-maker production in his writing and all in the same area that just didn't happen...look at Russell Simmons and RUN DMC they were on two different Labels. so Eric Wright the business man sought out to make history and he did. recently there was a not-so-good take on the ground-breaking Straight outta Compton album which you can never recapture the first time you heard it.

F the police was raw but honesty as all Hell cuz Being a Black Man in any Place America at the wrong time definitely means not only a hassle but possibly beat-down. and then two years later Rodney King. the Racist media tried to blame F the Police for this in some sick way. but that has been a problem since Slavery and continues to this day. his enterprising was and is Genius he was ahead of the game. many folks who followed him will certainly attest to this. things people are doing now he was not only help mold and create but was doing. i feel that he should be recognize as much as B.I.G and 2pac. cuz them and other 90's artist all benefited from EAZY ERIC WRIGHT.


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