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Earth,Wind and Fire: All 'N All

By Maximillian Muhammad

Filled with EWF trademark rhythm section and horns added Brazilian flavor to this Album. yes the Kalimba Genius himself Maurice White took a whole different direction for this classic. and sad to say but the last great funk jam by EWF opens this set Serpentine Fire. Verdine picking over the beats is so incredible. and next the Larry Dunn layering on the mystical Fantasy only matched by the powerful falsetto of Phillip Bailey. it's one of many timeless slow jams on this Album. Phillip shines on I'll write a song for you smooth Acoustic song. but Maurice White answers back with Loves Holiday which has a nasty guitar solo and Be ever Wonderful. the album has many interludes a style in music that would dominate albums in the late 80's and early 90' you see the influence of this band on many in the industry. this album showed no limitsand considering all the tough competition around from other groups back in the 70's it said something for a group to try something different and still stay on top.

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