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Earth,Wind and Fire: I Am

By Maximillian Muhammad

A very influential album that has stood the test of time. the first song is performed by many college bands. many a time when I'm watching a NCAA Basketball game In the stone those aggressive opening horn lines come out and grab you and that was just the first song. can't let go continuous this vibe and Let your feelings show follows the Horn lead groove. but disco comes up but not dominately showing this band could play on the duet with the Emotions on Boogie Wonderland. also Star with Phillip Bailey on lead but though it has a disco edge it's played with straight ahead feeling that no machine could keep up with. and then they really flip the scrip on After the love has gone a song in association with the brilliant Producer David Foster. this album has more of a pop edge but once again in the EWF tradition it's very versatility. and it closes out the 70's for EWF a group on a mission into the next Millennium. the Elements were the feel good group of the 70's and were spiritual and showed much respect for Heritage. they were a class act and a group who forever left there mark. and they still matter. never mind what the Corporate heads try to toss you as the next big thing these Brothers could play and be accountable. you can't say half that much for many of the acts today. The elements fueled many voids and left a lasting impression.

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