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Earth,Wind and Fire: Plugged in and Live

By Maximillian Muhammad

So many great groups with playing power enjoyment and theatrics but many pale in comparison with the Elements of the Universe E.W.F. this set didn't make MTV? define Alternative it's here still no response from MTV. no surprise they just really in the last few years started playing "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton and that was influenced cuz of Rap-Hip-Hop. so i guess they are a little slow. but if Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Bob Dylan can get on why not E.W.F? i feel they can't respect true musicianship and African-American talent at that on. how often do you see Tony,Toni Tone on?

But needless to say I've been fortunate to see these guys and they rock ahouse. and by this latest offering they are as good as wine. as good almost as Gratitude". complete with the best Horns in the business and no not Synth-horns but the real thank you thank you. The leadership of Mr. Maurice(Kalimba Grooving) White, Philip (no one can hit a note like you) Bailey and Verdine (making faces with the Bass) White along with Ralph Johnson, Sheldon Reynolds, Sonny Emory, MorrisPleasure and the rest of the back up crew take you through a Journey.

Their national anthem "That's The Way Of The World", "September", "Fantasy", "Reasons", "Devotion" "Africano", "After The Love Is Gone", "Shining Star", "Let's Groove", the duet with Ramsey Lewis "Sun Goddess", duet song with the Emotions "Boogie Wonderland." Sorry to say these duets are on records previous released. "Be Ever Wonderful", "I'll Write A Song For You", "Sing A Song", "Can't Hide Love", "In The Stone", "System Of Survival", "Let Your Feelings Show".

Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and mostly feelings and passion. Today they would be hard to categorize but come on talent and music are based and should be based on feelings not type. And to me if there is a Black Beatles they are it and something extra. they were the feel good group of the 70's and they still feel good to my Soul and Heart. they showed pride in Culture (could use more of that today instead of the "Big Willie" Syndrome and Fashion shouts and Identity Problems be Black and be proud of yourself) respect of the past (to the Samplers say thank you to these Geniuses and acknowledge there importance) and were Optimistic. To this day the only group or singer that keeps me from cursing or thinking bad thoughts of the world.and that for me speaks Volumes about the Beauty, Heart and Soul in their words to me. this is the best plugged show You won't see on MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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