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Earth,Wind & Fire: That's the Way of the World

By Maximillian Muhammad

What an Album! this record gave EWF there due as being very influential and taking and absorbing many styles to a whole another level. while the movie didn't break much ground the album is still a classic to this day. the Genius of MR. Maurice White, Phillip Bailey's high-rising notes Verdine White thumbing on bass Al McKay on axe, Johnny Graham who always delivers that memorable solo on the title cut. Andrew Woolfolk on Sax, and the baddest horn section. Larry Dunn handling the boards, Fred white on drums and Ralph Johnson on Percussion. the songs on this Album seemed just destiny for success. Shining Star, Happy feelin', Yearnin' Learnin', Africano an explosive instrumental See the Light invokes a strong spiritual presence. the slow-jam crowd pleaser, All about Love telling to love what you have. the powerful line beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. and the classic Reasons. I've never heard any one else hold a note like Phillip Bailey and not lose breath. the title cut is in the social conscience avenue that EWF was also known for. they were and sad to say to this day one of the few acts around that acknowledges Mother Africa. The title cut is in the same cloth as Marvin Gaye's What's Going on. it's EWF"s national Anthem. you can feel there souls coming across loud and clear on this song. if you wonder why Tony,Toni, tone and Mint Condition look up to them this album will answer that question and then some. and from then to this day in concert they rule. And this album feels more like a greatest hits collection and yet they were just getting ready to roll. sounds scary? They were.

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