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George Michael: Ladies & Gentlemen...The Best of George Michael

By Maximillian Muhammad

What has it been 10 years since Faith put this Guy in the same playground as Madonna &Michael Jackson. wow time has flown by. since then the court battle with Sony music and two full Albums and A couple of Ep's later we get a retrospective of the Man and his Music. and despite the incident earlier this year it takes nothing a way from this gifted artist's body of work. Jesus to a child is mind blowing the best song Sade never recorded. Careless Whisper was written when George was 17...most artists take that times two to just write half a good song. Praying for time came out during the gulf war with a whole diffrent meaning but still a very timely one. that's genius at work. Cowboys and Angels is very reflective of relationships and life in general. that's just some of the work on disc one the heart disc. the feet disc starts off with a blast the true 70's inspired disco groove Outside which does disco madd justice. between this song and disc one's A Moment with you and i'm not condoning acts in bathrooms or getting in trouble with the Law but damn more so-called Superstars should have something to shake them up like it did George.

These tracks are solid. Monkey, I knew you were waiting (for me) duet with Areatha Franklin, Hard day, Faith (which has unfortunately been remade by Limp Biskets), I want your Sex all hold up. and of course FastLove which had The Forget me knots hook before Will Smith did and Sounds a Hundred and ten times better with George is still the Jam. when he wants to as A Song-Writer,Arranger and Producer , and Singer George Michael can Flow with anything that's out there now. This two-disc set puts that in full perspective.

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