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Marvin Gaye: What's Going On

By Maximillian Muhammad

Soul now that one word describes this Brother better than anything else. you feel emotion you feel Heart, Passion, pain, ecstasy, Heartbreak, Joy, Loss, Fun and Wonders you feel Life. this Album is the deepest Album ever and still can hang with anything that's been put out since. Racism which sorry to say will never go away, unemployment,War,Brutality, haves and have nots all those elements are presented in a strong cohesive fashion on this Opus. brought to you by a Gifted Musical Trail-Blazing Wizard who was a Soul ful Singer Incredible Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Instrumentalist and Image-Maker. his Honesty was Brilliant and Scary. well Known is that The great Berry Gordy opposed the whole project. think if that had have stayed then Stevie Wonder's masterpieces would have been tone-downed as well as his creative out-put not to mention Smokey Robinson on to Rick James.

Marvin's What's Going On had a Helluva Impact. he went away from the grain and Won in a big way. Geniuses always find away to shine no matter what obstacle. this Album spoke volumes then as it does to this day. after listening to Make me wanna Holler and Mercy, Mercy me you ask yourself what's happening in the world and where in the Hell is the Principles? The title song says Don't punish me with brutality think 7 years back to Rodney King. if one doesn't pay attention one will repeat History over and over again. we need Love we need to celebrate the joy of Life that's the beauty of the Album instead of self-destruction. the words never die they just multiply. it's straightforward and not preachy. it was a tone that said I'm A Black Man treat me with respect and dignity and not like a Slave. very Powerful. Artist today have more Freedoms and Forums to Speak but Hardly any are going near Mr. Gaye's territory and to be frank I wonder Why? Why have you gotten so comfortable. think about the Anti-Affirmative -Action out there, Prisons instead of Schools, Diseases, Environment, Voting, Drugs Etc....This Album was a Foreseer to all that and What happen before that. we Damn sure could use Love and Understanding. MR. Marvin Gaye knew What time it was. this Epic piece of Musical History is a must have and still very much an eye opener. if ya lost in the sauce you better ask somebody to open the jar cuz that's What this Album is all about.

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