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Jasper: When will the madness end?

By Maximillian Muhammad

People are still to scared to tell the truth of Racism in America. for all the friendly Bill Clinton chit-chats on the subject and what have you's the problem is very much in full effect. i don't care what year it is this problem that continues to persist in these here United States isn't ever going away. white sheets have long been replaced by business suits so who knows who wants to get you for your shade? where is the madness over this like over OJ's not guilty verdict.? Black life isn't worth jack unless it has dollar signs in the general public. remember everyone wants to be like 'mike' butwhat if Mike was just another brother walking down the road in the dark of the night and had all to friendly white executioners there to greet him?

No amount of $ can solve a problem so ingrained like the water we need to live on. it's that deep. anti-affirmative action being tossed around and what's up with this generic Rap? Puffy is a good business man but lacks any form of creativity he is pocketing millions at the expense of the disease Notorious B.I.G. also sad is the continued manipulation of 2pac. The rap game is saying we miss these guys but who is looking for the killers? also all the rappers talking about Italian culture, and Tommy Hilfinger and others that don't benefit the culture leave a death mark on us. it says everything is fine we assimilate without protest it refuses to stand up to these places that continue to ignore us. i can't speak forother cultures cuz Black and White ain't finished yet. the battle,war and Prey is still very much alive. hate isn't going away it's only increasing in other forms.

Don't look for racist Ass Hollywood to hear you nor Corrupt Capitol Hill to care about Negroes. as long as they have Uncle Clarence they have all they need. whose going to be the next Emmitt Till,? Medger Evers? DR.King?(cuz believe me James Earl Ray knew a lot more on his way out then we will ever know) the 4 little girls in the church fire of 63? the great Ron Brown? i believe in conspiracies i feel it's incredible that African-Americans are alive today considering the raw deal that has been bestowed upon us. and just as I stated earlier everything comes with a price this will be washed away soon and like your late late news the same scenario different person and place but same results. i find it interesting that Dennis Rodman is contributing to the family of the victim but it's not getting nearly have the attention as if Rodman was perceived as acting a fool.

Also how about the English nanny? England was in a tizzy. does that happen when A Black Man is beaten down? how about with a video camera to capture it? no. and these so-called journalist experts couldn't figure out the OJ divide? if the Law in Texas has to think about what to do in terms of the death penalty some things wrong. but justice ain't for all. and the dollars are only golden till they can't use you no more. imagine if three Black Men chained a White Guy? Jasper would definitely turn into Casper to anyone who was Black.

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