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O. J. Simpson: One for the Juice

By Maximillian Muhammad

I wanna say I still believe OJ. I'm proud as a fellow Brother that Juice defended himself and won againest a very in-denial racist system and society. To me he's the modern day Nat Turner...fighting back no matter what. Bigots like Charles Grodin, Time, Newsweek, and all the networks try to defame a Brother but Juice is too tough to go down. Geraldo trying to dogg Juice and profit.

It was Plaintation time with Juice. But when the real killers are found will White America and those others in doubt say sorry? A Black man getting Justice here...that was the greatest day ever. It wasn't as big a deal as Timothy McVeigh but the White media will tell you otherwise. O.J. showed how to defend yourself and our struggle is far from over. But thanks to Juice and Mr. Johnny Cochrane, we can prove folks wrong and that we won't back down.

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