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Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

By Maximillian Muhammad

A genius in the making. a bold cutting edge artist with a lot to say and a strong will to say it. with so much Rap being sampled and Looped and R-N-B today lacking true Soul which has been going on a Decade it's powerfully refreshing to get an Artist who isn't afraid to say wake up and smell the coffee. the lead single Doo wop (that thing) is a masterpiece it combines sixties doo wop with ninties hip-hop beats very cleaver indeed. Superstar points and says just because you have Crystal and Lexuses, and Loot doesn't mean a thing without a solid idea. the music business is pimping lame brain music and calling it works of art. this song represents what many are feeling just because it's all about the benjamins it ain't all Benjamin. meaning it ain't worth the tag they selling it for. her voice evokes Passion and Pain Strife And strength. it's Roberta Flack meeting the Roots. many beautiful elements here at work. and even though Mary J. Blige and D'Angelo and the Legendary Carlos Santana guest appear it's L' Booggies show to highlight what was forseen while recording with Wycliff and Pras in the Fugees. a Gifted Song-writer, Producer, arranger and voice with meaning and purpose. if this piece of work is any indication then her next works will be compared to that of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin whom she wrote and produced and directed the video A Rose is Still A Rose, Billie Holiday, Ellie Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross Etc The Ladies with Style,Attitude and a sheer amount of talent. She has captured R-N-B,Pop,and Hip-Hop on one stunning Album a triple threat anyway you slice it. more Artists should follow there heart as opposed to just the $. cuz they will be there but true talent hits the soul. and you can hear Marvin, Stevie, Aretha, Al, Roberta all in there. you know who they are by one name when you know Soul music. and Lauryn Hill educates many about the soul on this one.

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