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Marvin Gaye: Let's get it On

By Maximillian Muhammad

If the world were to end I gotta be with you. that's the vibe you felt the written and Production, arranging, playing of keyboards, drums and that Soulful feel is Marvin in full effect.the title cut alone leaves little to the imagination and yet it's done with style which many writers of today should take heed to. Come get to this is like him asking his woman to come back. a theme that dominated his 70's work. the loss of Love reflected the loss of life. it's so Symbolic in his work. Distant Lover continuous that vibe and haunting theme. I made you leave and I'm sorry and my world is shot without you. it breaks him down. you hear a Soul of a broken heart and Boy can you relate every time to it? Please don't stay (once you go away), Just to keep you satisfied each further these sentiments. You sure love to ball take anyway you want to. you feel a Soul trapped trying to be many things but none of them is Freedom. his passion and vision were in search of finding that haven. you listen to the record and naturally you think Sex but wait a minute think about his life. he felt like a Slave. trying to call upon a higher power in a world with no understanding for or about your Black self. this description sounds just like Prince as well. two Souls sounding very familiar with the same ups and downs. with such openness and genius in there work and yet very few people read between the lines of the long suffering. this Blues is inside us all but very few tell the truth like Marvin Gaye did. 2pac was in the same boat. times and things may be different but the uncertainties of this life are like Chains to the neck the mind can enslave you if not nurtured properly. allowing your soul to be free is what made Marvin's soul so that much more powerful. and for that reason the Soul of Marvin will never be forgotten.

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