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Bob Marley's Legend

By Maximillian Muhammad


Poet, genius, Legend, music wizard and themes of the day brought out in the strongestlight up-front and pulling no punches that's Bob Marley. songs that deal the truth include "Buffalo Soldier", "Get up Stand Up", "Stir It Up", "I Shot The Sheriff", "Redemption Song", "Exodus", his take "One Love" with another powerful poet Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready", "Three Little Birds", "No Woman No Cry", "Satisfy My Soul", "Is this Love", "Could You be Loved", "Jamming". he reflected on the issues of the time then & unfourtunately now. Race, injustice, Love, Freedom, Peace of mind and Soul. he was a visionary way ahead of his time. he became even bigger deceased which is puzzling when you consider how important his words and expressions were right before the living. he writes of time and of one day being free from a world that refuses to understand what's Happening? his music has many styles and interpretations his words tell you to be mentally Emancipated and the rest will come not from Material gain but from inner Love and giving your unconditional Love. his voice and feelings continue to inspire and Question the Powers that be. WHY? can't you see the treatment of the most important things on earth People? Warriors can't be denied no matter how much oppressors try and Bob Marley backed down from no one to telling you that I know where I'm going and I know who I am. you can't mess with a freed mind. it has no limits. And Bob Marley was open to the truth.


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