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Marvin Gaye: the Master 1961-1984

By Maximillian Muhammad

Soul, Legend, Warm, Lost-soul, "Trouble Man", Warrior, Spiritually, Sexually, Poet,Genius and full of words and feelings. Inspiration to many. while the 60's were as is the case Today hostilities, racial, money, character, and all the ISM's a young artist had a vision with a Record company that was breaking ground as well. the company was Motown and Berry Gordy made those dreams a reality in 1958. but it also takes artist and drive to give legs to an operation of such Destiny. and Boy! did they have great Song-writers Holland-Dozer-Holland among many. great groups Temptations, Four tops, Supremes, among many. and artist that endure with time Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and the review of this Soul Marvin Gaye.

Soul, pop, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop (The late Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube among many) and artist ranging from El Debarge, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Joe Sample ETC.... have said High remarks about this Legend. Cuts with the late Tami Terrell such as "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "If I Could build my whole world around you", "If this world were mine", "Ain't nothing like the real thing", "Your Precious Love", then hits with other Ladies such as "It takes two", "I couldn't help falling for you", with Kim Weston. "Once upon a time", with Motown star Mary Wells. and "My mistake (was to love you)with the baddest diva The Boss Miss Diana Ross. the duets were big for His leading Man persona. but he did have early 60's Hits solo as well such as "Stubborn kind of fellow", "Pride and joy", "Hitch hike", "Wherever I lay my hat (that's my home)","Can I get a witness", "You're a wonderful one", "How sweet it is (to be loved by you) "Ain't that peculiar", "I'll be doggone", that others were the stand-outs for Marvin in the 60's. but Marvin didn't want that because of his jazz roots he wanted to be another Nat king Cole, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Billy Eckstine kind of singer. but as fate would have it it didn't turn out that way. and luckily for us.

cuz no offense to Wayne Newton or Liberace but could you imagine a voice like Marvin's singing "Mr. Sandman night in and night out or something worse? instead the 70's came and for Marvin and people who enjoy that time period it was Utopia Soul! cuts to this day never get old but instead ask the question you didn't get it? "What's going on", "Save the children", Mercy,Mercy me (the ecology), "Inner city blues (make me wanna holler)", his personal anthem "Trouble Man", "Let's Get it on", "Come get to this", "I want you", "Just to keep you satisfied", "Distant lover", "After the dance", "Got to give it up", "Heremy dear", "When did you stop loving me, When did I stop loving you", "I heard it through the grapevine" with Gladys Knight) legendary voices all over this 4 disccompilation. the only other time i enjoyed this next track was by Jimi Hendrix with his pedal to the metal version but Mr. Gaye took it to the Church Pews when he did "The Star Spangled Banner", and then his 1982 comeback Grammy winner "Sexual Healing" a classic for all-time. he started out as a drummer, and handled piano, organ, keys and other boards through out his brilliant career. a powerful voice, passionate Song-writer, arranger of many sharp but melodic sounds and producer of first class structure. when you think of Him you think Soul. you think and feel heart and so many emotions.

He may be gone Physically but his Longevity and presence genius and pain are gonna felt by many till the end of time. The Dance won't End. Pride, determination, awareness, Love is ever-lasting just as The Soul of this much-needed Black Man to saying open your eyes. and sadly many still don't know or care to "What's Going On".

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