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Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions Anthology 1961-1977

By Maximillian Muhammad

Genius , Soul, Purpose, Meaning, Creativity, Vision, Self-determination those are some of the many words to describe Curtis Mayfield. Curtom" the Label owned and Master tapes also Owned by Curtis Show cases this Historic Collection of one of the most influential Songwriters, musicians, and Producers of his and still this time. his songs invoked a justly rage of Injustices, Black Pride of self, family, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Grand-parents all could relate. from the church to the street all could follow this Genius message home. from the days with the Impressions which consisted of Ice man Jerry Butler(before Basketball great George Gervin), Sam Gooden, Fred Cash, Arthur and Richard Brooks both brothers. people such as Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck and others have been touched by this Soul. songs such as "Gypsy Woman", "Sad Sad Girl and Boy", "Keep on Pushing'", "I'm so Proud", "People Get Ready", "We're A Winner", "Can't Satisfy", "This Is My Country", "Choice Of Colors", that would be enough for the average Genius but Curtis isn't the average. Mr. Mayfield was just warming up. the fiery Guitar and funky falsetto take charge on cuts like (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below", "Beautiful Brother of mine", and then the classics from "SuperFly" the title cut "Freddie's Dead", "Pusher Man", "do do Wap Is Strong In Here". one classic not on here but on The History of Funk Volume 3 "Future Shock" is where Curtis tells folks don't get caught in the madness and Hate cuz it's gonna get you if you don't change the ways. Stevie and Marvin get there message props Curtis should as well. Berry Gordy had his Motown Curtis still has his "Curtom". George Clinton, James Brown, Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Miles Davis are pioneers of music and so is Curtis Mayfield. A true Soul Brother who would not be denied his right and a Man who kept pushing the Musical and Social World Envelope.


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