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The NBA: The Truth

By Maximillian Muhammad

After watching the wack finals i know David (Corleone) Stern was so happy cuz the Bulls won. now I'm not saying he set up anything but Michael Jordan always gets next to him when times he doesn't necessary deserve too. case in point the 96 all star game Shaq should have been M.V.P. this year should have been Karl Malone. the finals M.V.P should have been split between Jordan and Pippen. 96 should have been Rodman cuz he took the Sonics by his lonesome. I can't the game announcers all tossed and things. Michael this and Michael that. Costas is intelligent and what not but Baseball is his game. Isaiah Thomas who I liked as a player but i can't stand as an announcer. when did he start loving Jordan? and how do you go from an Owner to this? you don't see Bud Selig announcing games. and finally Doug (how many superstars in a lifetime you gotta be around and can't win) Collins? he played with DR.J coached Michael Jordan and Grant Hill and pissed them both off and was canned both times. and he gets to call games? how about Wilt, Russell, Oscar, Kareem, Elgin, Sam Jones, Earl the pearl, Wilt Frazier, Moses, The Ice Man, etc.

The greats of the past. all you hear in the marketed times is the last 20 of Bird, Magic, and Jordan. and Dr.J sometimes. the history needs to be more represented than an oh by the way. there people who Love Clyde the Glide, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Bernard King, Adriane Dantley, Bob McAdoo, Pistol Pete etc. it should not be limited to only a few. if you were to go by scoring Kareem is King. if you by dominance it would be Wilt, if you go by complete game it's Oscar Robinson, if it's titles Bill Russell, the creative in the air it's Elgin Baylor, Connie Hawkins then from there.

Wilt Chamberlain still holds many records to this day but who will step to the plate of this modern Media to properly acknowledge him and the greats of the past? who is the Greatest? I'm tired of who they say. to be the ultimate you have an Oscar Robertson type of run. like Hank Aaron and Willie Mays do it all. you have to lead in assists, blocks, rebounds, steals, field goal percentage, scoring, and only one man can make that kind of claim and it's Wilt Chamberlain. the thing holding him back was he wasn't an Uncle Tom or to quick to grin or accept as his own person. just like Kareem. who doesn't get any Love. a lot cuz of his Muslim faith. Marketing is key.

Jordan is a great player but imagine if he were treated like Oscar or Wilt is know who would care. despite Jordans talent his marketing of a bald head Black Man in America is powerful. the average Brother who looks like Jordan would often be mistaken for a thief, rapist, or fugitive. the selling of the shoes which have links to Overseas Slavery and Killings here at home in the hood over those over priced shoes. his marketing puts him over than his game and NBC, Espn and all those other tired networks and weak sports shows want you to be like Mike. people need to know the basketball history. the true best hasn't been born yet but that brain washing box on the NBA will deny that. and the over priced and not focused fools get on my nerves we know who they are. 80% African-American and no Owner ship few coaches and GM's. it's a definite problem. Spreewell didn't lose it it was there to act on. it's all show today with predictable results. watch if something don't change the same two teams will be back. it's not they are that good but the league is hurting. to much Sprite and not enough Spirit.

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