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Deion Sanders: Prime Time

By Maximillian Muhammad

The baddest Athelete rolling today bar none. he can play two positions in Football and Bat 300 in Basball(did Mike Bat his own Weight?) and is his own Man. the man is a winner no matter what the task. he is the most feared player in any sports. cuz he makes his job look so easy. folks used to Question the Amount of Loot that Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was paying him 7 years at 35 mill. not anymore it's more like give him more and another raise. cuz D has been the Glue that has kept the team together. while Michael Irvin, and Eric Williams were dealing with issues and Emmitt Smith being told way to prematurely he was thru and Troy Aikman having to deal with then Coach Barry Switzer Deion was high stepping toward the Lord. the man has been blessed. though he doesn't get as much Love as he should(read too Black) folks who know there sports are in Awe of him to this day. where ever he goes he brings the showtime and antics but also a Let's get busy attitude. he is propbably the hardest worker on the teams he's been on. and it shows. think about it how often will Elway, Moon, Young, Marino, Farve,Cunningham, Etc go his way no matter what the score? and on kick off returns he is a momentum breaker. he can single handly affect the out-come of any game. he is the most dramatic and chrasmatic Athelete since Mr. October Reggie Jackson. hopefully when Deion retires he won't get playa-hated like Reggie is getting. but true sports fans know talent and hard work when they see it. and if you can but Mustard on the Dog what's the problem. Prime Time always delievers the goods. and if he put his mind to it he could go back to Baseball and rock. Wonder Why The Greatest Ain't attached here? HMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! whatever he does well.

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