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Babyface: Tender Lover
By Maximillian Muhammad

This is the album that made Babyface the artist. it's hard to believe it's been 10 years but this classic has held up and inspired other writers and producers. starting out with board groove It's no crime and then the title cut. but the cut for me and others was sensational Whip appeal. to me arguably one of the greatest slow jams ever. I used to play it all the time and still do. he sets himself apart from other artist with his own style and ways of expression. such as the case with soon as i get home or my kinda girl.

His hooks and woos are pure genius and trademark. as a vocalist he becomes more and more comfortable with his voice with each release. for me he is the Quincy Jones of his day. always on the cutting edge be it writer, producer, musician, label mogul,image-maker he can do it all. and this album the second of his career at the time paved the way for the others and his time-less signature sound. this was the album that put him on the map to stay. at the time of this album him and La Reid were working with the Whispers, Paula Abdul,The Boys,Pebbles (who Co-wrote Whip Appeal) Karyn White etc. and starting up LA FACE Records. so how this musical genius finds the time for creative out-put for himself is as incredible as his level of Genius.

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