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Teddy Riley
By Maximillian Muhammad

Ignore the name of his record label, lil man, cuz this man is a tiger with a a capital T. Where do you start? Well, Blackstreet is getting ready to drop its third album soon. He is associated with Queen Pen. He also worked with Michael Jackson on his Dangerous album on 7 cuts, where they collaborated. With Blackstreet he did Before I let you go, Joy, the 1996 groove of No diggity with Dr.Dre and Rump shaker with wrecks-n-effect back in 92. Oh, by the way did i mention the 80's and new jack swing?

Yeah, you get the importance of this incredible talent. He was on la de da da with Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh. And then as writer, producer and musician he exploded with new jack swing first with Keith Sweet, Heavy D &The Boyz, AL B.Sure, Bobby Brown, Today, and did i mention a group called Guy, who flourished, as well. Back to the list... James Ingram, Boy George, wrecks-n-effect, etc.... you get the picture. So much talent. Oh, one more name drop: the Jacksons' 2300 Jackson street album title cut. All this before the Puffy-Jermaine Dupri era.

I don't feel he has ever gotten his just due. He was the first to really fuse hip-hop and r-n-b together. And whenever folks are ready to close the door on him he keeps coming back. What's scary is that it's rougher than before. He is always gonna be a force. Having a great vocalist like Aaron Hall around and Damian Hall in Guy plus Timothy Gatteling wasn't enough... most people would be so lucky and happy, but most aren't driven like Teddy Riley. He so Baddd you almost forget the New Jack era. He has changed but maintained the Genius of Harlem, now cranking hits out of Virginia before there was a timberland, D'angelo, Missy Elliott. You get the picture. This talent has always been ahead a little of the curve.

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