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Marvin Gaye: I want You

By Maximillian Muhammad

If you enjoy the contemporary sounds of D'angelo and Maxwell well this is the source of inspiration. Soul N Sweat. nobody did or does the Spiritual and Sexual like Mr. Gaye and yet haunt you into another feeling at the same time. themes stay consistent and oh what force and power it leaves to the mind and Soul. together with Leon Ware who by the way worked on Maxwell's debut Album helps smooth out things. the title track has many meanings and feelings. for when I listen to this Album and others particular in the 70's you feel the emotion, pain, soul and heart. he could be talking lusty, and yet it would feel like the Klan was coming to hurt him or his loved ones. Meaning you could feel the injustices in his tone and that pain brings to mind Lady day Billie Holiday. just like Al Green and Billy Eckstine or Miles, Bird, Dizzy, Coltrane, Marley, Stevie, Ella, Otis, Sam, Aretha you know the souls that move you.After the dance is the kind of role play missing from todays R-N-B and Pop. the song that shows the many faces of emotions is Since I had you. Come live with me angel also has many feelings going on. his music challenged and provoked nerves and you felt the Gospel truth from him. you can hear and feel the demons coming around him. the album also besides Leon Wares written and production also includes Diana Ross's late brother T-boy Ross. this is a must have recording hearing the beats and soundsinvoke passion and pain and has Genius all over it. this album took Mr. Gaye in search of passion, lust, rage, madness, spirituality many themes that made Genius but also unfortunately was tragic.

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