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Where's the Soul?

By Maximillian Muhammad

June is Black music history month and these days suck just like that UGGGGGGGHH!! Corporate America is sampling away creativity. All these generic remakes by many not all people who can't play spins have in tune. where's Berry Gordy when we need him? Quincy Jones? Bird? Miles? Billie? Stevie Wonder? Nat King Cole? Michael Jackson? etcccccccc!!!!!! Our music is getting brain -washed away with the likes of very good business men with names Puffy and Master P but who can't play jack. Where's the creativity? where's the soul? There's no Aretha out there or James Brown. no one willing to dare the establishment like Little Richard or Jimi Hendrix or Prince used to. no real music rebel like Rick James. Marvin Gaye I don't feel one or Al Green. no diva like Diana. hell there's not another Babyface out there or Teddy Riley. we have been blessed to have the Motown, Memphis, Ohio, Minneapolis sounds. where are the original sounds today? George Clinton, Sly Stone, Billy Eckstine, Dinah Washington, Sammy Davis Jr., The Isleys, The Ojays, Earth,Wind & Fire etc.. We need your creativity.

Yes the business ship of African Americans is good but will there be anymore La and Babyface's, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, The Philly Sound of Gamble &Huff? from the beat of the African drum that came here with us over 400 years ago our music shouldn't be chained as well. how can Racist MTV tell us who to like when it wasn't that long ago that Michael Jackson was the Jackie Robinson of that network? it is important to remember our music to the fullest our music as African-Americans is the true alternative. Everything that's being past as this or that originated from Africa first. it's not racist it's fact. how would you classify Ray Charles singing "I can't stop loving You." It charted pop, soul and country. hard to believe today huh? Gospel transcends all boundaries it's all flavors rolled into one. The Queen of Soul doing a Helluva job in filling in for Pavoriti for a classical piece. that is history that needs to be told. Wynton Marsellis is a music Ambassador who deserves to be heard by all. just like John Coltrane, Bob Marley. A sample here or a loop there is cool but an entire karooke Career?

African Bambata, Gil Scott Herron, the Last poets, Run Dmc, Public Enemy, BDP, krs-one, Kurtis Blow etc.. built there music first. Kool Hurt Grand Master Flash and Furious five, Jimmy Cliff, Billy Strayhorn. our Music deserves better than a sing over. if Curtis Mayfield can continue to compose Genius in a wheel chair and Stevie Wonder being blind can see better than many and most there's no excuse. where's the next Bill Wither's coming from or Sun Ray. I like George Michaels music but it was 10 years ago when he was the top soul act. did we learn ? no cuz KennyG and Michael Bolton are being the recipients now. we need our soul back. take a cue from Frankie Beverly and Maze if pop wants you cool but if not at least we have our soul. Our Drum is our truest Freedom.

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