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Bobby Womack: The Best of

By Maximillian Muhammad

Genius, Soulful, and very underrated. as a singer, writer, producer, Guitarist,. but his influence is wide and he's been covered by people such as KC from Jodeci, Jimi Hendrix, Wilson Pickett, Neil Diamond, and has worked with The Rolling Stones he covered so many styles and styles not even given names. and easily the Sam Cooke of his time that voice sounds a lot like Sam and think about Terrence Trent D'arby? songs that hold this point loud and clear "I can understand it", "Harry hippie", "That's the way I feel about cha", "Communication", "California dreaming", "Nobody wants you when you're down and out"(so true so true) "Across 110th street", "Woman's gotta have it", "Lookin' for a love", "If you want my love put something down on it", "I don't wanna be hurt by ya love again" the emotions the pain, anger, beauty, passion, Love, desire, everyday battles it's expressed in so many ways. his many complexities are pictures to the mind in many different ways. this Soul poured out and told the truths of what was going on. and for this we gotta thank you Bobby for being you. a true Genius. the music on this Disc is a radio station onto it's self. nothing he couldn't do.


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